Fitness for the brain



The modern world is saturated with information flow and our brain is constantly experiencing congestion, which leads to malfunction of cognitive functions.

Overvoltage at work difficult to remember the most important thing, the constant switching between the varios chores makes concentrate, and head to the end of the day so full of a variety of concern that thinking becomes quite not possible…

According to statistics, around the world, nearly 2 billion people are faced with similar problems and the number of such people is growing steadily.

To solve problems with a constant load on the brain and cognitive functions of destruction we have created a project BrainApps, which as your personal trainer is chosen individually for brain fitness program.

Our program was developed in conjunction with scientist from Moskow State University and clinical psychology from famous Moskow clinics.

For an optimal balance between the literate and the maximum loads of the result, we use gaming technology which is based on the most effective methods of cognitive functions of foreign and domestic researchers.

Nice design, optimum load and individual employmemt system will take only a few times a week and grow every day, reach new heights at work and in everyday life.

Why you need to engage your brain?



Remember all the details.

Quickly memorize the mane and faces of the people.

Well oriented in new places.

Learn effectively


Win distraction.

Be careful.

Stop distracted.

To bring all things to the end.


Quick decisions.

Increase productivity.

Easily switch between tasks.

Find the best way of action.


Think outside the “template”.

Be open to the new.

Unleash your talents.

Realize a bright personality.


Solve the problem correctly.

Quickly analyze situations.

Better understand themselves and others.

Defend the point of view.

We offer the most efficient way for the development of the brain. Brainapps adapts it for you.

Effect and progress will not keep you waiting.

How it work

1. Take our unique test the ability of the brain. Brainapps id

entify your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Get a personalized training program.

You will get individual advice on training, depending on your skills, goals and interest.

3. Engaged in the daily workout.

A special algorithm developed in collaboration with scientists will pick you interesting and useful tasks for effective learning.

4. Practice

On our project collected more than 50 techniques for the development of cognitive abilities. You will always be interesting.

5. Watch your success.

Our system closely monitors your success, and we take into account the statistics show in a convenient form.

Join us and develop your skills!